LED string lights with LED lamps in polyester siganl flag pockets - great for parties

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Sagra - Illuminated Bunting


For those who like their afternoon tea parties to carry on into the night, we present Sagra - a mash-up between traditional English bunting and festoon string lights. This string of 16 low-heat LED lamps, each pocketed in a white polyester triangle, stretches 14.5 metres and simply plugs into the mains for extended operating hours, well suited to those who can't be doing with buying, replacing or recharging batteries.

Suitable for use inside and out, for occasional use or for extended periods as the triangular signal flags are machine washable.

Should you wish to introduce colour you may purchase a set of coloured flags - see related items



Sagra Coloured Flags


Bandierina (signal flag). Colour polyester pockets in four colours for use with the Sagra string lights.

An option for those who want to purchase colours flags as an alternative to the white flags supplied with the Sagra lights.