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Fingers Ceiling Pendant


The Fingers Ceiling Pendant has been created as part of the Fingers range by the great Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba. Made from rich coloured brass, the lamps have a raw, aged beauty to them. The entire Fingers range bears and celebrates the marks of their makers in the fingerprints and divots decorating their surfaces (hence the reference to “fingers” in the name), something which was important to Marcantonio when designing this collection. 

This design is comprised of a brass ceiling rose and bulb mount, fabric cord, and irregular LED bulb which is also included. From afar this pendant may look simple, but the closer one looks, the more its details shine.

This is an amazingly versatile pendant which would look fabulous as a set suspended over a kitchen island or even above tables and bars in commercial spaces. The distinctive brass colour and dimpled aesthetic of the Fingers range means that they stand out in a room and are great to mix and match to create a theme in your chosen space.